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ITP: aqhbci -- library for HBCI home banking

Package: wnpp
Severity: wishlist

  Package name    : aqhbci
  Version         : 0.9.19 beta
  Upstream Author : Martin Preuß
  URL             : http://www.aqmainiac.de/aqbanking/
  License         : GPL (maybe parts LGPL)
  Description     : library for HBCI home banking
AqHBCI provides plugins to AqBanking for implementing the Home Banking
Computer Interface protocol (popular with German banks). It supports
various security mechanisms, e.g. key files, PIN/TAN, and DDV chipcards.
Support for RSA chipcards is in an experimental stage.


I'm pleased to announce the intention to package aqhbci.
Some notes on this ITP:
- This is a group effort. I'll not list anyone to avoid forgetting
  people, but anyone following the openhbci-general list at sf will
  probably have seen them in action.
- aqhbci is part of the dependencies of the GnuCash HBCI module
  starting with version 1.8.10, so we're trying to put stuff back
  into Debian which we have grown to like when we had it.
- It covers the aqhbci library itself as well as the other (optional)
  modules distributed alongside aqbanking (such as the setup wizard
  and chipcard plugins).
- A seperate ITP will be filed for aqbanking.
- (Very) preliminary packages are at
- The package names will probably change relative to the preliminary

Kind regards

Thomas Viehmann, <http://thomas.viehmann.net/>

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