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Re: [Fwd: Re: status of the DDTP project?]

Em Seg, 2005-01-24 às 14:03 +0100, Andreas Tille escreveu:
>    1. Package descriptions are one of the first interfaces we do present
>       to our users about the software Debian contains.  If we want to
>       attract non-IT professionals we should not expect them to speak
>       English.  So by not providing translated descriptions we increase
>       the hurdle of installing Debian for a very huge group of users
>       and this definitely sucks.

While I agree, and I started and worked on the pt_BR effort, there's
still a problem with this: we, the people translating the descriptions
do not see the work being used, as no infra-structure code was added to
APT and the FTP.

>    2. More general: What about efforts which are more or less driven by
>       a one person project.  If this person is not able to continue his
>       work, should this project die?  For packages we have a procedure

It surely should not. Problem was we had no standard way of creating and
cooperating with projects of this nature. Now that we have alioth, maybe
this problem will be addressed with time. Maybe we need a policy on this
anyway, like creating this kind of projects using the 'Debian' group.

See ya,

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