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Re: [Fwd: Re: status of the DDTP project?]

> It seems there are enough people who want to help, but, which are debian
> developers? Could you, or anybody else, maybe try to find out who are
> interested?

Speaking on behalf of the French l10n team...

We have completely abandoned the DDTP effort now, as far as I am
aware. Nicolas Bertolissio made several contributions to the code in
the past, up to end 2003. I'm not sure whether he still contributes to

The main reason was the fact that the DDTP deals with binary packages
descriptions which is far unlogical. It should rather deal with source
packages, especially when it comes at handling debconf translations. 

The DDTP is absolutely not adapted to the work on debconf
translations, that was our conclusion.

For packages descriptions, this is less important, but it seems that
the translators interest just switched to more important stuff.

During the last two years, we focused on debconf translations,
programs translations and web site translations rather than packages
descriptions translations. This was mostly because of the jerky
behaviour of the DDTP server, especially after the November 2003
compromise which left it unmaintained up to July 2004.

The review process also did not really fit with the way we have
established for working where all reviews are made in public in the
-l10n mailing list.

I personnally contributed a lot of packages description translations
back in 2002-2003 but, now, I just ignore the DDTP mails about them.

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