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Re: [Fwd: Re: status of the DDTP project?]

On Mon, 24 Jan 2005, Christian Perrier wrote:

We have completely abandoned the DDTP effort now, as far as I am
aware. Nicolas Bertolissio made several contributions to the code in
the past, up to end 2003. I'm not sure whether he still contributes to
IMHO it is a real shame that one part of the i18n effort of Debian just
silently dies simply because one person (namely Grisu) is (for whatever
reason) not able to continue his work.  This has to components:

  1. Package descriptions are one of the first interfaces we do present
     to our users about the software Debian contains.  If we want to
     attract non-IT professionals we should not expect them to speak
     English.  So by not providing translated descriptions we increase
     the hurdle of installing Debian for a very huge group of users
     and this definitely sucks.

  2. More general: What about efforts which are more or less driven by
     a one person project.  If this person is not able to continue his
     work, should this project die?  For packages we have a procedure
     to follow, but what of this kind of projects?  Gathering translators
     for DDTP was a process which relayed on a working DDTP server.  If
     it is not continuosely used and known to be error prone all work
     of the past is wasted.  This might mean that this work is not
     really needed - but as I tried to mention in 1. this would be
     the ignorant point of view from computer geeks.  So the meta question
     is: Are we able to support infrastructural works if their maintainer
     does not continue to work on it.

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