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Re: binaries for different architectures in debian packages

[Norbert Preining]
> Ok, so the solution is to go for a `double' way:
> - Package debian packages the debian way, ignoring other arch/os
>   combinations.
> - Build some `non-standard' debian packages which have to be provided in
>   a different way (our web server or something else) which put binaries
>   into /src/<arch>-<os>/...
>   These packages would only be necessary for those who want to serve
>   texlive to other arch/os combinations via nfs/smb?

Sounds good.  Except you meant /srv/ not /src/.

> Ok, but for those quasi inofficial packages only necessary for those
> serving texlive we don't need source packages, just build the
> packages in some other way.

Well, you can build the package from a "source package" that already
has binaries in it - it's not that it can't be done.  It's just that
the Debian Project, as a rule, doesn't accept packages that can't be
built from source, on a Debian system - even if said source code is
shipped.  By shipping these .debs yourself, rather than pushing them
into Debian, you sidestep this.

Lots of "source packages" in the non-free section have pre-built
binaries in them - so it's technically not hard to do, and is probably
easier to use the source package format than some other ad hoc means of
producing a .deb file.


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