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Re: binaries for different architectures in debian packages

On Die, 25 Jan 2005, Peter Samuelson wrote:
> > The last question I have (for now):
> > - How can I install binaries for non-Debian architectures-os
> >   combinations (win32, i386-solaris, ...) USING the pacakge management
> >   system? 
> >   Is there a way at all -- or is there no way for this?
> The real problem is *building* these binaries for non-Debian systems.
> Using only tools available in Debian.  This, while theoretically
> possible in some cases, is a pretty big pain in practice.

Ok, so the solution is to go for a `double' way:
- Package debian packages the debian way, ignoring other arch/os
- Build some `non-standard' debian packages which have to be provided in
  a different way (our web server or something else) which put binaries
  into /src/<arch>-<os>/...
  These packages would only be necessary for those who want to serve
  texlive to other arch/os combinations via nfs/smb?

> And no, it's *not* a good idea to suggest just shipping pre-built
> binaries in the source package.  (I suppose a few of the "firmware in

Ok, but for those quasi inofficial packages only necessary for those
serving texlive we don't need source packages, just build the packages
in some other way.

Best wishes


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