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Re: binaries for different architectures in debian packages

Dear DDs, dear all!

First of all, thanks for the many suggestions I will take into account.

Let me sum up what:
- I have to put the arch-independent stuff into /usr/share
- I can put arch-dependent stuff for the `current' arch into /usr/lib

Up to now this is clear for me. Now for the sharing of stuff. It was
several times mentioned that Debian is not prepared for managing other
arch stuff for serving in the sense that the package managing mechanisms
are not circumvented.

For other debian systems on other archs I can do the following:
- I can install other arch packages into /srv/<arch>/... with a forced
  root and share them via nfs

Ok. So other debian clients are now happy.

The last question I have (for now):
- How can I install binaries for non-Debian architectures-os
  combinations (win32, i386-solaris, ...) USING the pacakge management
  Is there a way at all -- or is there no way for this?

Best wishes


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