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binaries for different architectures in debian packages

Dear DDs!

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I am one of the contributers to the TeXlive project and we are in the
process of packaging texlive as debian packages. Herein some questions
have arisen, the most prominent ATM is:
Are there any facilities to put binaries of different architectures
  into debian packages?
  Background: TeXlive is compiled for several different arch/os
  combinations, while the data (texmf trees) can be shared between
  all of them. We want the user to allow the exporting of the
  texlive directory (via nfs and/or smb) and other clients to
  use texlive straight ahead.
  ATM we have binaries for alpha-linux, i386-freebsd4.10, 
  i386-freebsd5.0, i386-linux, mips-irix6.5, powerpc-aix4.3.3.0,
  powerpc-darwin6.8, sparc-solaris2.7, sparc64-linux, win32 and

Best would be (if this is allowed according to the policy) to put
everything under
where there are
		.../texmf (trees, various)
and put symlinks from /usr/bin/xyz to

This way sharing the texlive directory allows easy integration into
other clients, and texlive won't interfere with tetex (if someone is so
crazy to install both).

If someone on this list is interested I can communicate more details,
and in fact I would be grateful to hear comments and receive some
help in the design discussions.

[Please Cc me]

Thanks a lot and all the best


Norbert Preining <preining AT logic DOT at>         Technische Universität Wien
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