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Re: apply to NM? ha!

SR, ESC wrote:

to the people that see it for what it is: thank you, and i knew you
would see it (like helen here, and others).

OK, I should be clear here.

From the point of view of behaviour in Debian lists that is intimidating to newcomers and especially people who are shy or not very thick-skinned, the most troubling post to this thread, in my opinion, was the first one. It is that specific type of behaviour (insulting and abusive, though that one wasn't actually directed at any named individual, which is arguably better) that I believe is most likely to put people (including many women) off from contributing to Debian.

Please do not interpret my comments as meaning I am supportive of posts like that. I most certainly am not. I think we can collectively do better, and that Debian will benefit when we do :)


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