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Re: apply to NM? ha!

On Mon, Jan 24, 2005 at 07:59:59PM -0500, SR, ESC wrote:
> Le lun 2005-01-24 a 19:26:34 -0500, Helen Faulkner <helen_ml_faulkner@yahoo.co.uk> a dit:
> > 
> > I do not believe that being thick-skinned enough to cope with people who 
> > are very agressive or insulting should be a requirement for involvement 
> > in Debian.  Sadly, it seems to me that this is effectively the case. 
> > Shouldn't we be more interested in someone's technical skills, and their 
> > ability to work well with others?
> while i don't appeciate gunnar's comments - seems to me he's just
> trying to lessening the issue i brought up.  and i do have a thick
> skin, i just don't see the need to have one if people are going to
> work together in a cooperative fashion. attacking people isn't the way
> to do things,

Like, for instance, saying this:

"fuck off, and grow the fuck up"

in a public mailing list, without even identifying the individuals you wish
to abuse?

> we have enough of it going on in the world, we don't
> need to bring any more of it in here.

You owe me a new irony meter.  You overloaded this one.  Who started this
thread, again?

> it? tough. judging a person based on a reaction and having had
> enough of crap from people is no way to judge someone. i barely post
> here, how dare you exclude me based on a raving rant like i did? i see

Because when 100% of the observed phenomenon suggests "idiot", it's
sometimes tricky to sit back and calmly assess confidence intervals.

> many people rant, if you were to exclude people based on that, you 
> would've excluded them already.

We're happy to accept the occasional rant from people who have shown
themselves to be otherwise useful contributors.  Several examples of that
have already been posted in this thread.

> get a clue.

"attacking people isn't the way to do things"

- Matt

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