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if i insulted any of you or hurt you, i'm sorry. i just want things to change
(see what i think needs to change below).

i just feel that even to experienced people, debian, esp. the devel list and
channel (i know part of the history for the channel...), i don't feel
that it's welcoming, or friendly. and i'm not talking about "newbie friendly"
necessarily, just friendly, period. what i said is a build up of what i've seen
over the past while, the attitude in that channel (#debian is *still* bad, but
i'm trying to do my bit to change that there) is very cold to outsiders, the list as
well. i haven't seen real nastiness lately, however.

i do understand that you need to have people that can be trusted with critical
systems (i may have a hot temper and say stupid shit, but i'm *not* stupid) but
when there are elements in that group that need to be removed, this becomes
almost impossible to do, even if their removal would do more good than harm,
since there's this ingrained pattern with those elements needing to be
excoriated. i'm having to deal with this on another list and group -
although this other group they're outright racists. some of you will
know which group i'm talking about.

here it's not *that* bad, but there are certain things that need to be
addressed, such as that "bad core that needs removal"; though this is
more of the nature of "some people need to lose the 'tude and be open
to change, or else have to be removed, temporarily or otherwise". 
i'm talking in riddles right now, but i think the people
that see it similarly to what i see will feel similarly, and

this and i may sound nuts to you right now, especially after the
things i said on the list and elsewhere, but please, take a step back,
and look at it from the outside.

the way i did this isn't the best way i could have done this, but i
think it's indicative of what i've felt - albeit unbottled and
uncontrolled - for a long while. i should have brought this up sooner
i think, but i hope people understand that i don't mean to harm
people; i "call them as i see them", and sometimes it comes out in the
most awful ways....

again, i'm sorry if i hurt any of you.

i just want things to change for the better, for everyone. change
sometimes hurts, but if it's positive change for everyone, it should
be welcomed, and encouraged. and if it hurts everyone, it should be
rebelled against at all costs (i won't get into geo-politik here, i'm
trying to make a point, not start (another) flamewar ;).

call me a raucous Raven that cries in alarm when he sees trouble.


We can use symlinks of course... syslogd would be a symlink to syslogp and
ftpd and ircd would be linked to ftpp and ircp... and of course the
point-to-point protocol paenguin.
                -- Kevin M. Bealer, commenting on the penguin Linux logo

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