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Re: apt-get should be able to install packages "directly"

Roberto Sanchez <roberto@familiasanchez.net> writes:

> Greg Folkert wrote:
>> On Thu, 2005-01-06 at 23:54 +0100, Blade wrote:
>>>That's the normal way. This way allows me to install dozens of
>>>module-source packages and build module packages from them for Debian
>>>kernels, without having to install a half GiB of additional software
>>>that I really do not need.
>>>What we really need is the apt-get extension mentioned here a while ago
>>>that would allow you to run apt-get on local packages (without
>>>generating a local repository as described by Michel here).
>> Exceptional, supercalifragilisticexpealidocious, Uber ultra, massively,
>> extra special, like duh already SECONDED!
> What about having a pseudo-repository set up whenever a system is
> installed.  It can be placed in /var/repository and addressd in
> sources.list as file:///var/repository ./

That is what sourcerer-archive is supposed to do (package under
developement). I recently discovered mirrorer (alioth project) and
sourcerer-archive is now a frontent for it to handle the configuration
and some extra maintainance scripts and might get merged into mirrorer
at some point.

I hope mirrorer gets released soon.

> You drop a .deb file in there, run apt-update-repository to regenerate
> the Packages file, and then the package is now apt-getable.
> -Roberto Sanchez

Even more complex setup:

sourcerer-watcher [1] installs hooks for apt-get that watch out for new
packages getting installed, e.g. zaptel-source.

Whenever apt-get (dist-)upgrade installs zaptel-source a rebuild of
the kernel modules gets triggered in the background (e.g. in

The resulting deb(s) get installed in the local archive and the next
apt-get update and apt-get (dist-)upgarde will update the module

So for any package sourcerer-watcher knows already or that you add to
the 'watch for' list a simple "apt-get install foobar" will give you
the respective build debs and provide automatic updates transparently
a day later each.


[1] sourcerer-watcher is a generalization of sourcerer-kernel-builder.

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