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Re: APT Repository HOWTO

Ola Lundqvist <opal@debian.org> writes:

> Hello
> Instead of doing all this by hand I can recommend my own package
> debarchiver. The latest versions of it do this pretty good in
> an automatic way.
> Just wanted to let you know.
> Regards,


I know I tried debarchiver for the amd64 archive and found it
wanting in some way. Could you summarise the strong and weak points of
it for the FAQ?

Same goes for the other suggestions made here like the DAK. The DAK is
hellishly complicated to setup compared to mini-dinstall for
example. But using mini-dinstall for something like 15K debs is

All the tools have pros and cons and a comparison would be nice.

Personally my favourite currently is mirrorer because it is very
simple to setup, has basicaly no depends (like no db server needed)
and copes well even with 15K debs.


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