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apt-get should be able to install packages "directly"

#include <hallo.h>
* William Ballard [Thu, Jan 06 2005, 05:44:18PM]:

> > Like rm, dpkg is a tool for system administrators. It will not protect
> > you from potentially harmful actions because it assumes that you know
> > what you do.
> I already knew that.  That's why I said you have to use it in this 
> special way.

That's the normal way. This way allows me to install dozens of
module-source packages and build module packages from them for Debian
kernels, without having to install a half GiB of additional software
that I really do not need.

What we really need is the apt-get extension mentioned here a while ago
that would allow you to run apt-get on local packages (without
generating a local repository as described by Michel here).

<azeem> "apt meldete, es werden ca. 70 Pakete deinstalliert werden müssen
	und mir kam es seltsam vor, aber dachte mir das Teil wird schon
	wissen was es tut."
<josef> azeem: apt-get ist ein Tool, ein Werkzeug. Man nimmt doch auch von
	einem Hammer nicht an daß er schon weiß was er tut, wenn er mit
	60 km/h auf deinen Daumen zurast.

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