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Re: Always run dpkg --dry-run -i before running dpkg -i!

On Thu, Jan 06, 2005 at 11:37:52PM +0100, Marc 'HE' Brockschmidt wrote:
> William Ballard <nospam_40811@alltel.net> writes:
> > Given that -source packages do not adequately specify the dependencies 
> > to be able to use the output, one must NEVER run "dpkg -i" a given deb 
> > without first running "dpkg --dry-run -i" on the same debs and verifying 
> > that it returns a zero exit code.
> Like rm, dpkg is a tool for system administrators. It will not protect
> you from potentially harmful actions because it assumes that you know
> what you do.

I already knew that.  That's why I said you have to use it in this 
special way.

Or else maybe you just like eyeballing things and doing everything 
manually, and you run slackware.

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