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Re: Proper way to remove a package from both sarge and sid

On Wednesday 12 January 2005 19:39, Frank Küster wrote:
> Frederik Dannemare <frederik@dannemare.net> wrote:
> > On Tuesday 11 January 2005 20:29, Frederik Dannemare wrote:
> >> Package in question is mozilla-firefox-locale-da which is to be
> >> replaced by mozilla-firefox-locale-da-dk (not maintained by me)
> >> from source package mozilla-firefox-locale-all.
> >>
> >> Unfortunetaly, mozilla-firefox-locale-da and
> >> mozilla-firefox-locale-da-dk don't conflict, so users trying to
> >> install both will face trouble.
> >
> > [ snip ]
> >
> > What I meant to say here was, of course, that the packages do
> > indeed conflict/collide - it's just that they don't have a
> > Conflicts i their control file. Just wanted to make that clear...
> > :)
> Then this is a release critical bug in the newer package, ..da-dk.
> You should file this bug and prevent the buggy version from entering
> sarge. It is not sufficient to remove your old package from the
> archive, because user will still have installed it and get in
> trouble. Instead, a new revision of the ..da-dk package must be
> uploaded that has proper Conflicts.
> Will you file the bug?

Yep, I'll file it today (with severity serious).

Actually I spoke with maint. of ..da-dk earlier today and mentioned the 
problem for him, and he could tell me that he already did a new 
revision of ..da-dk - only it hadn't been uploaded by his sponsor just 

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