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Re: soname number in name of dev-package?

Anthony Towns <aj@azure.humbug.org.au> writes:

> Frank Küster wrote:
> > Do I understand right that you recommend not to use libfoo1-dev,
> > libfoo2-dev generally, but that the most recent version should be just
> > libfoo-dev? The Debian library packaging guide gives the opposite
> > advice, to use libfoo<number>-dev always, but I have learned that this
> > document does not represent a consensus, anyway.
> If you need libfoo-dev 1 and libfoo-dev 2 installed simultaneously on
> user's machines, you need different package names. That's desirable
> very rarely and usually entirely undesirable -- it wastes disk space,
> forces people to edit build-depends and potentially makefiles, and
> generally ends up just being confusing.

But the advice in the library packaging guide is to do something like

	Package: libpackage2-dev
	Provides: libpackage-dev
	Conflicts: libpackage-dev

which means that only one of the -dev packages can be installed on any
one system.  

AFAICT the above approach offers nothing more than simply

	Package: libpackage-dev

would do.  Right?
                                                    Jens Peter Secher
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