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Re: rudeness in general

Steve Greenland wrote:

And yes, community standards can and do change. But they don't get
changed by people whining about them; they get changed by the members
behaving differently.

This standard of a community can be different to that, what individuals would expect. As a result the activity of a community can grow or decrease - in quantity and/or quality.

Let's focus on devel@ of Open Source (OSS) projects.
I would not expect developers to be smart communicators.
Personally I can accept a "silly" as answer if it is followed by a "because of $fact", or a "this $solution is IMHO better". Hard discussion are sometimes necessary to get major progress.

For me OSS implies "open for cooperation" as a requirement to step forward. This means open for new contributors, for new ideas, and minimal social, organizational and technical barriers.

Not my intention at all. I was trying to make an observation about the
general character of the debian-devel community. Of course there are
exceptions, and a complete range of behaviours.

My few attempts to step into debian as a contributor ended after some hours of senseless discussions or waste of time against unnecessary barriers. Compared against average OSS, or OSS where I contribute, debian seems to be on the bad side - IMHO.

Helmut Wollmersdorfer

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