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Re: rudeness in general

Steve Greenland dijo [Tue, Jan 11, 2005 at 07:00:45PM -0600]:
> Guess what? This is not a paid support forum, or a commercial
> organization. This is a *community*. Communities have cultures,
> traditions, in-jokes, etc. You can either choose to be part of that
> community, and learn to be part of the culture, or you can go join a
> different community.
> (...)
> One of the responses to this has been to set up alternative communities
> where friendliness and patience are valued more. Debian-devel is not one
> of those alternatives.

And, surprisingly, it is. I came into Debian running away from
OpenBSD's aggressiveness. debian-devel@d.o can be a huge flamefest,
but not as big as misc@openbsd.org - even with 10x the number of


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