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Re: rudeness in changelogs

Quoting Joey Hess (joeyh@debian.org):
> Andrew Suffield wrote:
> >    * New upstream release (closes: #270944, #277543). It's less than two
> >      weeks since this was released; may you contract an interesting
> >      venereal disease.
> Is this really called for in changelogs? Note that the bug reports were
> perfectly polite.

This discussion forked on rudeness in general, but I just want to
point that my opinion about this is that the above comment is not just as
childish as it sounds. It is highly offensive to the bug reporters as
well as the whole Debian community because it gives us an image of a
very rude community. As usual, people who speak loudly are those who
are often heard...more than those who behave themselves politely.

Being technically competent is not an excuse for not being socially

Would my 17 year old boy have written that, I would probably have just
slapped him twice. I'm a rude dad....:)

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