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Re: ok, i screwed up

Steve Langasek <vorlon@debian.org> writes:

> How is this possible?  By my count, this leaves us with one package using
> each API.  Wouldn't it be easier to port one of these packages to the new
> API, instead of bloating oldlibs for such a niche library?  How different of
> an API are we talking about, after all?

I don't know how different they are.  I'd rather see the other package
updated indeed.  Feel free to mail the maintainer of grisbi (that's
the other package) and tell him he should adapt to the new library.  I
don't know anything about grisbi.

> Unless there's some other reason to do otherwise, I'd prefer to see the
> transition to libofx1 in testing postponed until after sarge rather than
> carry both versions around in a stable release.

gnucash-1.8.10 requires the new libofx or I would have waited until
after sarge anyway.  Many users have clamored for gnucash-1.8.10 to be
in sarge.


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