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Re: Debianized ndiswrapper-source is better on SourceForge

On Mon, 2005-01-10 at 09:31 -0500, William Ballard wrote:
> On Mon, Jan 10, 2005 at 03:45:56AM -0500, Andres Salomon wrote:
> > Gee, the latest ndiswrapper has a bug.  Downgrade to the one in
> > testing, or upgrade to the one I uploaded today.  It's not the
> > end of the world.  Perhaps you could even be helpful and let me
> > know whether rc2 hangs in the same way that rc1 does.
> You don't get it: The SAME version that you packaged does not
> hang the system the way he packaged - rc1.
> Listen, I'm checking out of this one.  The guy upstream has
> produced a perfectly working Debian package.  You've F'd it
> up beyond all recognition in some misguided effort to make
> it symmetric with everything else.
> Everything the other guy has made works: the version you
> made is horribly broken.

That's still no reason to rip the d-d.

File a critical bug.

Ron Johnson, Jr.
Jefferson, LA USA
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