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Help me test new pcmcia-cs


I've uploaded a new version of the pcmcia-cs package to experimental,
3.2.8-2. This package has a lot of new features, including:

* Latest upstream version.
* Starts much earlier on boot, in the S runlevel.
* Doesn't ifup network cards, lets hotplug handle them instead.
* Detects some problematic laptops and gives them correct resource
* Asks fewer questions during installation and upgrade.
* Never restarts PCMCIA during upgrade so that your network connection
  won't be messed up.
* Uses dpatch instead of one big patch.
* ... Many other changes and bug fixes, see the changelog.

It would be very nice if you could help me test it before I upload it
to sid. Since I've done a lot of changes, I suspect that there might
be some bugs in it. And don't forget to read NEWS.Debian and

Thanks in advance.

(Please CC me on replies.)


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