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Debianized ndiswrapper-source is better on SourceForge


Some of you have probably seen my gripes about ndiswrapper-source.
I moved on past all that -- but upstream is debianizing it and
it's better in many ways.

The alternate location is:
It contains:
dated 25-Nov-2004.

The one in the current Debian repository is dated 29-Dec-2004.

The previous version was taken from upstream; the new version
Debian has is a new packaging and it has several "issues"

1. On my machine, the version in Debian's repositories freezes
   my system (hard kernel lockup).  The upstream version which
   does not.

2. The version in Debian's repository fails to compile against
   2.6.10, using Vanilla source or the Debian-patched source.
   It is missing some defines.  The upstream succeeds.

Those are the main issues.  The rest are "my gripes."

3. The Debian one depends on modules-assistant, even though the
   README.Debian says installing with make-kpkg is the preferred
   way, and modules-assistant is an alternate method.
   (The packager includes some makefiles from /usr/share/modass).

4. The upstream one includes ndiswrapper-utils in the
   ndiswrapper-source package.  It's better.

The new packager is I think admirably trying to make his
package more like other *-source packages, and many others
depend on modules-assistant, but I should point out alsa-source
does not.

#1 and #2 are a real pain in the butt.  His well-meaning
effort has really screwed up ndiswrapper-source.  The upstream
Debian package is much better.

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