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Re: Always run dpkg --dry-run -i before running dpkg -i!

On Thu, Jan 06, 2005 at 07:13:02PM -0500, Greg Folkert wrote:
> Fine then, don't use it. It'll pull the deps before it install the
> modules and unloads them and re-loads them.

I just didn't realize this crap was so brittle.

So many ways to fix brokenness when I just don't know why dpkg even 
bothers starting it knows it can't finish.  Sure you can say it's
for experts but half-installing something you know the dependencies
aren't there should be a Forced option, not the default.

The solutioun as everybody has said and how I started this thread
is just don't trust dpkg anymore than you trust rpm.

apt-get direct packages or temporary apt repositories for me

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