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Re: Always run dpkg --dry-run -i before running dpkg -i!

On Thu, Jan 06, 2005 at 06:55:47PM -0500, Greg Folkert wrote:
> (c) Download and install it for you.

You're right, but there's still one problem:
It breaks first and *then* fixes it.
By the time it's broken, your old network card no longer
works and you can't connect to an apt repository to fix it.

Doesn't this put network card source packages in a
special category?  I mentioned this in my bug report.

m-a should see if it's going to break before it breaks

Now you're going to say: "keep around old packages in
case it breaks, what are you stupid?  it's the kernel!
keep backups"

and I'll say: you knew before-hand it was going to
break, why'd you break it?

The temporary apt-repository is the only reliable
solution.  m-a is solving a problem I don't have.

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