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Re: Filing bugs with upstream

Ian Wienand <ianw@gelato.unsw.edu.au> writes:

> So say I've found a bug in Nautilus that exists in upstream.  Gnome
> has a well maintained bugzilla where I can file the bug.  Do I then
> file a Debian bug pointing to the Gnome bugzilla report?  I do I file
> a Debian bug and point the Gnome Bugzilla report to it.  Or do I just
> file a Debian bug and hope the maintiner files one upstream?

In my opinion, best practice is to file a Debian bug, and rely on the
Debian maintainer to file an upstream bug.  If you do file an upstream
bug, you should verify yourself that the bug exists in the unmodified
upstream sources, not just in the Debian package.  (And here I do mean
"verify", not just "reason about it and think it must".)

Certainly if you do file an upstream bug also, you should arrange to
have the upstream bug mention the correct URL for the Debian BTS bug,
and then also have the Debiat BTS bug mention the correct URL for the
upstream bugzilla record.  That way everyone involved can easily get
all the relevant info.

But whether you file an upstream bug report or not, *always* file a
Debian bug.


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