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Re: Problems to upload

[didn't sent to the list...]
Andreas Tille wrote:
On Fri, 17 Dec 2004, Andreas Metzler wrote:
first place. Especially the hint to "PASSIV MODE" smells like something
has changed to the situation before.
| dput ( unstable; urgency=low
Perhaps this was the reason but I should probably reopen the bug which
claimed more verbose error messages.  The failure was caused because
only passive mode seems to work - at least I was asked by manual ftp-client
to switch to passive mode (I do not know until know what passive excatly
is).  Also dupload caused a passive mode related error message.  In
contrast to this dput just stopped with a Python error.
Your analysis is correct, my apologies. As non-DD, I really don't get to
test ftp uploads as thoroughly as I should.
There is a bug report (and I've just sent a (corrected) fix), #283370,
which concerning this problem.
Sorry for leaving this open for so long.

Kind regards

(dput comaintainer)
Thomas Viehmann, <http://thomas.viehmann.net/>

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