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Re: Problems to upload

Quoting Andreas Tille (tillea@rki.de):

> But what me *really* concerns is why dput and dupload failed in the
> first place.   Especially the hint to "PASSIV MODE" smells like something
> has changed to the situation before.  I do not know something about
> passive mode but I'm afraid somebody has changed something at our firewall
> which resulted in problems with FTP protocol.

THis is highly likely to be this problem. 0-sized files are usually
the result of uploads failing because only passive FTP transfers work
in some situations.

This is why I indeed use Tollef's delayed queue in any situations
including those I want to do an immediate upload (I just use the 0-day

In case you're not aware of it, here's the dupload.conf entry:

$delay = ($ENV{DELAY});
$cfg{'delayed'} = {
              fqdn => "gluck.debian.org",
              login => "bubulle",
              incoming => "~tfheen/DELAYED/$delay-day/",
              dinstall_runs => 1,
              method => "scpb"

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