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Re: dselect survey

"Marcelo E. Magallon" <mmagallo@debian.org> writes:
>  The other problem with aptitude is touted as a design feature: it tends
>  to be all-or-nothing.  Either you use it always or you don't (automatic
>  removal thingie).  This becomes a problem when multiple persons use
>  different interfaces for adding and removing packages to the system.

You exaggerate.

Support for this feature -- one the coolest things about aptitude --
should clearly be added to other clients too[*], but until that happens,
it's not like the system explodes if you also use other clients.  The
occasional use of other clients causes only slight degradation in the
quality of the "automatically added" annotations, which is hardly
something serious.

[Of course with aptitude around, you'll almost never want to use apt-get
anyway because aptitude implements essentially the same command-line

[*] and you can hardly blame aptitude because other clients are slow on
    the uptake!  If anything this situation is mostly an argument for
    not using those other clients...

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