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Re: dselect survey

Florent Rougon <f.rougon@free.fr> writes:
> I've always thought that people who say they hate dselect (or, worse,
> that dselect is crap) fall into one of the following cases:
>  (a) allergic to text-mode interfaces
>  (b) type or click without thinking
>  (c) haven't used it for more than 5 years (I don't know how dselect was
>      before slink)
>  (d) didn't bother to read the "dselect for beginners" tutorial or any
>      similar introductory document
>  (e) have had problems with packages that didn't install, upgrade or
>      configure correctly and wrongly blamed dselect for these problems.

Completely and utterly wrong in my case.  I'm exactly the sort of person
that you apparently think should like dselect, but I think aptitude is
_far_ superior, for both experts and newbies.  The competition isn't even

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