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Re: LCC and blobs

I demand that Matthew Garrett may or may not have written...

> xine should certainly remain within main - it's useful without any non-free
> software.

Agreed. (Presumably, you mean libxine, since it's that, not any of the front
ends [1] which actually does the dlopen()ing of non-free code.)

> But then compare to, say, kernel-patch-2.6-bluez - all the devices that
> this code will work with have non-free firmware, though only one of them
> requires it to be loaded from userspace.

Using the kernel firmware loader code, presumably...

> Main or contrib?

AIUI, main. I'd only say contrib if *all* of the hardware with which it works
requires a firmware upload in order to be useful.

[1] Go on, use gxine. ;-)

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