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Re: LCC and blobs

Le samedi 11 décembre 2004 à 11:00 -0800, Brian Nelson a écrit :
> You are the only person I've seen express views similar to mine on
> debian-legal.  All other participants argue for non-free-firmware-using
> drivers going in contrib.

Do they?

> Also, the current practice already is moving in this direction.  For
> example, the ipw2100 driver is in contrib.

For a single package that won't work without the binary blob, that's a
good policy. But for a driver that's built within the kernel, this is
fucking stupid. We already have several packages with some features that
only work when some non-free stuff is installed (see e.g. xine). What's
wrong with the kernel having *some* modules needing non-free blobs? They
won't work out of the box, but that's not a reason to exclude them from
the kernel. This is more work for the kernel maintainers, more work for
the users, and no gain.

In fact, all these drivers (including ipw2x00) should be built with our
kernel, and the binary firmwares that we can ship should be included in
the non-free section.
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