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Re: dselect survey

Miles Bader <miles@lsi.nec.co.jp> wrote:

> Completely and utterly wrong in my case.  I'm exactly the sort of person
> that you apparently think should like dselect, but I think aptitude is
> _far_ superior, for both experts and newbies.  The competition isn't even
> close.

Did I mention aptitude in my post? No. I'm just trying to understand
people who bash dselect on the first occasion. If you don't like dselect
and don't fall in one of the cases I have mentioned, then we have a
problem. Simply preferring aptitude is *not* a valid reason to say
dselect is ugly, difficult to use, <insert typical dselect bashing crap

PS: maybe I forgot:

  (f) bash dselect 'cause someone else said it was crap

(rest assured, this one is not intended to fit your particular case; I'm
just trying to build as complete a list as possible)


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