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Re: Bug#283578: ITP: hot-babe -- erotic graphical system activity monitor

Em Dom, 2004-12-05 às 02:53 +0000, Andrew Suffield escreveu:
> > I can't see why. The whole free software concept brings an idea of
> > giving equal oportunities to everyone.
> How is it "equal opportunities" to say: "You can't do that unless you
> also find a woman who's willing to do it as well"?

That's exactly what I was trying to say: it is not ... 

> > That does not solve the problem, but makes it pretty easy to solve.
> The problem doesn't exist. There is no absence of opportunity
> here. There is only absence of action from some parties.

... and this is quite close to what I think. What I mean is: hot-babe is
still male-oriented, because no one stepped up to do the female-oriented

> If somebody was saying "We can have pictures of naked girls in the
> archive, but not naked men" then you *might* have a valid point. But
> they aren't.


What I was trying to demonstrate is sexism would live in not giving a
chance for anyone (not only women, why not gay people, for example, or
straight man who do appreciate the human body regardless of gender, as I
do?) to have their own sexual orientation or esthetics satisfied.

My point, now turning the discussion to the question of offensiveness is
that we should not try to impose moral values in a community that is so
diverse in cultures and nationalities... I somewhat agree with Manoj,
though I don't know how to draw the "legality" line, as I'm not
satisfied with using USA as the "standard". That's what we have for now,
though, we need to think about alternatives.

> Just because you elect not to engage in an action doesn't mean you can
> claim that nobody else should engage in that action. Not even under
> some misguided notion of "equality".

Just to finish the email... yes, you cannot force people into taking
actions, even more in a volunteer organization. This does not mean that
some universal values should not be defended and fostered in the
community. Values like freedom and equality.

See ya, sorry for the delay, I was on the beach =D

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