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Re: Bug#283578: ITP: hot-babe -- erotic graphical system activity monitor

* Christian Perrier (bubulle@debian.org) [041202 08:15]:
> As already written in -women, this is the point which saddens me the
> most in this thread. I'm really disappointed by seeing most
> contributors just not realize why this package, as proposed, is likely
> to hurt the feelings of several women (probably not all, I don't know)
> as well as, indirectly or not, some men.
> I have indeed no intention for objection this package in any
> matter. I'd just hope that the maintainer proposing it realizes that,
> though he personnally doesn't think so, his work may hurt some people.
> Legal nitpicking is another issue, which I personnally do not consider
> the most important one, indeed.
> The package is currently sexist, in my opinion. I just hope that
> saying this loud enough will make the maintainers change their
> mind. If it does not, well the result will be another sexist thing in
> free software.
> I someday wish I had an opportunity to talk of this with Bruno
> Bellamy, by the way (the artist whose drawings are used in this
> package). His artwork (and good work) is widely used in the free software
> community in France and (personal opinion, still) may sometime ring
> this bell of sexism.

I think you described the important issues quite well. Making a good
distribution is more than just "upload any package which you legally

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