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Re: Bug#283578: ITP: hot-babe -- erotic graphical system activity monitor

Hi all,
I read all the thread and I noted you are forgeting a main problem about
this package. In my point of view:

First of all, it's a sexist package, sure. Putting a program on Debian
in which you have pictures of nude women is VERY agressive to the most 
women. Yes, it's agressive to me.

One way of fixing this specific problem is creating a way to choose
between pictures of women or men on the program. Yes, why not have p0rn
pictures of a man in the .deb package too? Is it possible to fix this
sexism problem?

When the sexism problem is gone, the other question we have to discuss
is: is it a problem to have this kind of pictures go into Debian?

We need to discuss this point and find a technical way of solving the

I really don't want to see a sexist program in Debian. I'm open to
discuss if it is offensive or not. I hope you all understand, let's find
a good way to solve this problem.

Fernanda G Weiden

Projeto Software Livre Mulheres

"Os homens são ensinados a se desculpar por suas fraquezas. As mulheres,
por sua força." --Lois Wyse

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