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Re: Bug#283578: ITP: hot-babe -- erotic graphical system activity monitor

El Miércoles 01 Diciembre 2004 04:22, Simon Law escribió:
> > But we don't care about legal problems until somebody is coming to
> > complain to us. That's how Debian is working till the moment. Otherwise
> > it should be impossible to release any software (because software
> > patents, for example).
> I believe people are complaining _right_ _now_.

I meant: when some external people is expressing some legal concerns to Debian 
in this subject. Like the software patents situations. ASAP, we don't remove 
patented sofware if we don't know that there will be problems with that 

I think the point here is that some developers have some moral concerns with 
this program, and they are trying to find some legal arguments to avoid this 
program entering in Debian.
And this is bad. Debian have tons of programs, and you don't need to install 
all of them, nor all of them are intended to be useful for you, nor all of 
them have to be fitting your moral.

IMHO, we really can't exclude all the programs that *MAY BE* illegal in some 
country. We should only exclude when there is an actual legal threaten.
Otherwise, I'm quite sure I can find a country where each package is not 
legal, and I can start to send concerns to Debian legal, and in some months 
we can stop packaging Debian...

> There is a technical solution to this.  I'm sure that the CPU meter
> itself is fairly harmless.  All you have to do is provide some installer
> that lets you load images that you want.
> These images can be of a tree/man/woman turning from clothed to naked.
> Or some other variable image.  If you provide enough of them, there will
> be something for everyone.  If people choose to be offended by some of
> the images, then these people probably won't download them.

I don't see why we need to do so, if the data is DSFG free.
The program is intended to include THAT set of images, and not a different 
one, at least for the moment.
Have you find those images? I find them quite artistical.


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