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Re: Bug#283578: ITP: hot-babe -- erotic graphical system activity monitor

Em Qui, 2004-12-02 às 05:45, Manoj Srivastava escreveu:
> >> First of all, it's a sexist package, sure. Putting a program on
> >> Debian in which you have pictures of nude women is VERY agressive
> >> to the most women. Yes, it's agressive to me.
> > As already written in -women, this is the point which saddens me the
> > most in this thread. I'm really disappointed by seeing most
> > contributors just not realize why this package, as proposed, is
> > likely to hurt the feelings of several women (probably not all, I
> > don't know) as well as, indirectly or not, some men.
> 	Packages can hurt feelings, yes. vi hurts mine. The bible
>  hurts other peoples. purity-off also hurt a lot of peoples
>  feelings. Can't please everyone.  There are over 15k packages in
>  debian. Some of them surely hurt the sensibilities of a lot of
>  people. 
> 	Get over it. I have had to.

Packages can hurts feelings? It's your big conclusion about it? Don't
matters for you the obvious detail about gender equality?
Are you thinking to choose to be catholic is the same choice I did when
I was born? 

Sorry, but it's so stupid to me.


Projeto Software Livre Mulheres

"Os homens são ensinados a se desculpar por suas fraquezas. As mulheres,
por sua força." --Lois Wyse

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