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Re: Questionable image process. Was: Re: Bug#283578: ITP: hot-babe -- (abusive?) erotic images in Debian

Andrew M.A. Cater wrote:

You're looking at this from a US-centric viewpoint, Bruce, and extending this to the whole Project.

Because I am one of the people with legal responsibility for the U.S. incarnation of the project. I acknowledge that there are many other jurisdictions where our people can get into trouble, note my comment regarding non-US not being adequate to solve the problem.

Somewhere else in the thread I made the point that people have to respect each other and that everyone using Debian is subject to local laws.
That is two different issues: 1: Developers should respect each other. 2: Developers in various localities can get in legal hot water due to the conduct of other developers who don't run the same risk. I would hope that respect for each other includes doing what we can to keep the other guy out of hot water.

Advice of US counsel means very little.  There are 50 states...

In the U.S. we mostly want to know about New York, where we are incorporated, and the Federal government, which has jurisdiction for interstate commerce.

And yes, there are 220 other countries, but there are other industries that have had to deal with that problem: book publishing and film.

You could start by searching on Amazon to see if people in those industries have written any books on the topic.



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