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Questionable image process. Was: Re: Bug#283578: ITP: hot-babe -- (abusive?) erotic images in Debian

David Weinehall wrote:

The ITP contains a link to the source for the package.

You *really* need to have a look at the pictures.  All of your
argumentation below about pron neatly goes *wooosh*.

I'll take your word. However, we seem to be lacking some process here. I don't have a guideline at hand regarding what can and can not be distributed to minors, with impunity, in various places. Lacking that, we should probably have a procedure in place to run any questionable images and dialogue by our volunteer counsel simply to get a call regarding how much trouble they could make for the project and its members. The goal is to be able to say that we distributed the image on advice of counsel, which can help us if the image gets us in court later on.

How counsel reports back may be complicated due to issues of attorney-client privilege. We probably want to be able to maintain privilege so that we don't have to report to a court what we discussed with our attorney. It's not yet clear to me that stuff we post to debian-private is still under privilege. I'd have to ask our lawyer.



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