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Re: Bug#283578: ITP: hot-babe -- erotic graphical system activitymonitor

* Helen Faulkner 

| Pornography is widely regarded as being demeaning and insulting to women.

- A lot of people don't think the cartoon is pornography.

- If you think it is pr0n then I think it would be nice if you rather
  provided some other pictures.  A sheared sheep or a tree losing its
  leaves have been suggested.  Joe Drew (iirc) provided an offer,
  valid two months as of a couple of hours ago that he'd make the
  program themeable if somebody provided graphics.

If you actually _do_ something about the graphics, you are helping.
Just saying «this shouldn't be packaged because it objectifies women»
doesn't change the world.

| KDE is not similarly demeaning to Gnome users.  It does not objectify
| them, pressure them to meet unrealistic standards, encourage others to
| regard them as existing only for the pleasure of KDE users.  Etc.

Does the cartoon in hot-babe pressure you to meet unrealistic
standards and encourage you to only be for the pleasure of hot-babe

I wasn't actually able to find any decent-looking similar images of
a man (there's a limit to how much anime porn I'm willing to look
through to prove a point..), but if somebody were to make similar
images of a man with less and less clothes, I would just find it
silly.  In the same way I find the current images silly.

I am not saying I don't believe you, I am just surprised that you seem
to feel objectified and pressured by a silly little cartoon.

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