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Re: Bug#283578: ITP: hot-babe -- erotic graphical system activity monitor

On Thu, 2 Dec 2004 13:24:34 +0100, Andreas Barth <aba@not.so.argh.org> said: 

> * Christian Perrier (bubulle@debian.org) [041202 08:15]:
>> As already written in -women, this is the point which saddens me
>> the most in this thread. I'm really disappointed by seeing most
>> contributors just not realize why this package, as proposed, is
>> likely to hurt the feelings of several women (probably not all, I
>> don't know) as well as, indirectly or not, some men.
>> I have indeed no intention for objection this package in any
>> matter. I'd just hope that the maintainer proposing it realizes
>> that, though he personnally doesn't think so, his work may hurt
>> some people.
>> Legal nitpicking is another issue, which I personnally do not
>> consider the most important one, indeed.
>> The package is currently sexist, in my opinion. I just hope that
>> saying this loud enough will make the maintainers change their
>> mind. If it does not, well the result will be another sexist thing
>> in free software.
>> I someday wish I had an opportunity to talk of this with Bruno
>> Bellamy, by the way (the artist whose drawings are used in this
>> package). His artwork (and good work) is widely used in the free
>> software community in France and (personal opinion, still) may
>> sometime ring this bell of sexism.

> I think you described the important issues quite well. Making a good
> distribution is more than just "upload any package which you legally
> could".

	There is no argument against excellence in packaging, and
 maintenance.  Who decides which one of the CPU monitors is one two
 many? Why should that opinion hold more sway than others?

Timing must be perfect now.  Two-timing must be better than perfect.
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