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Re: mozilla-firefox-locale package with all language translations

Quoting Cesar Martinez Izquierdo (listas@ono.com):

> I've just uploaded a new version (1.0-3) that generates separate binary 
> packages for each language.

This is great news. Thus you mean that in the future, as soon as a
language is added upstream, we will get a new Debian binary package
for Firefox localization? If so, this is a major improvement I have to
mention to the Arabeyes team who were concerned by getting an Arabic
localisation for Firefox in Debian.

I now just need telling them that it may automagically appear as soon
as they get their ar localisation upstream.

I think this could be a good addition to tasksel language
tasks....however, this would need firefox to be added to the desktop
task in tasksel...post-sarge, definitely..

As a man daily working as "desktop architecture designer", I would say
that Firefox is about to become the obvious browser choice for a
Linux-based workstation (it as been chosen by the french Ministry of
Equipment Roads and Transportation as default browser for their 13000
Linux based workstations). So installing it by default in our
"desktop" task would be an important enhancement.

> The remaining issues are:
> - some of the binary packages will need specific "Conflicts:", "Provides:" or 
> "Replaces:" lines that the script can't figure out automatically.
> Solution: We can add them by hand.
> - the description of the package should contain the name of the language it 
> provides, not only the name of the locale (eg: es-AR). Any ideas?
> (I guess I will need a list of locales+language names; /etc/locale.alias seems 
> to be good but not complete).

I have seen these different es localisation packages and was a bit
puzzled by them. I have understood that Spanish and more specifically
technical Spanish is spoken differently on both sides of the Atlantic
Ocean but I really think that two separate packages/localisations is
really a waste of time. Moreover, a es_AR package will handle
Spanish/Argentina well, but what about other South American
spanish-speaking countries ?

I suppose that this is also an upstream problem : if upstream ships
different Spanish localisation packages, of course we in Debian have
no choice but shipping them, but imho, this is not a really good idea.

Anyway, if what I suggest above is added to tasksel, we will anyway
install the "es" package for all "es" locales....Or we will need to
change tasksel so that it has a concept of locale tasks rather than
language tasks.

The addtionnal work and maintenance complication is maybe not worth it
just because people do not agree whether one should say "computador"
or "ordenador" or whatever else..

Bringing back my Arabic localization example : the ar localization
guys never ever imagined creating special ar_* packages for the
different flavours of Arabic and you all know that spoken Arabic is
way different in the various Arabic-speaking countries. Far more
different than Castillan and Argentinan Spanish are.

/me crosses fingers for never seeing fr_CA (tabarnak) or fr_BE (une
fois) or fr_FR(mon Dieu) packages.....

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