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mozilla-firefox-locale package with all language translations

Hi! Sometimes a package with all the firefox translations has been proposed.
With the arrival of Firefox 1.0, localization has been normalized and now this 
package seems quite suitable.

As a proof of concept, I have packaged "mozilla-firefox-locale-all", 
containing all the available translations at the moment.

You can download the package at:

The "rules" file includes an "wget" rule that can download the available XPI 
files with the translations.
After download new XPI files, if you regenerate the package then you get all 
the required files for these new XPIs.

The currently built package contains the XPI files downloaded from 
Maybe it would be better to use 
which contains less translations but they are supposed to be tested and 
complete. Anyway the nightly XPIs seem to work fine for me.

Opinions and testing is welcome.

  Cesar Martinez Izquierdo

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