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pkg-config issues


I've just started packaging some library which provides .pc file for
pkg-config. So I was wonder where to put this file and if my -dev package 
should depend on pkg-config.

As usual I started looking how it is done in other libraries and
unfortunatelly this didn't lead me to clear answer.
Seems that policy doesn't describe it either.

Problem a:

Where .pc file should be put?
Let's say I've got libXXX<soname> and libXXX-dev packages.

I suppose that I should put it in libXXX-dev package, but I found some
packages which contain this file in libXXX<soname>.

Problem b:

Should my package depend on pkg-config?
I thought yes, but many packages didn't do that.

Some conclusions.

Should I fill bugreports against packages which contain either 
problem a or b (or even both)?

Maybe policy should mention about correct way of handling such files?
Maybe linda/lintian should warn if these problems occur?


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