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Re: G++ in sarge.

* g.bonacci@libero.it (g.bonacci@libero.it) [041112 12:20]:
> I would like to know if the Debian community is really going to release
> Sarge with G++ 3.3.x as the default C++ compiler.
> My question stems from the fact that Sarge will probably be the only
> stable release in the next year or two, that Sarge's packages C++ code
> is compiled against libstdc++5, and that that library is unable to cope
> with file streams longer than 2 Gb.
> I think the answer to this question ---only relevant for me, probably---
> could be a simple "yes" or "no", without making any noise and without
> wasting developers' time in futile discussion.

Sarges toolchain is frozen, and if we want to release at all, the answer
is: Sarge will release with gcc-3.3 as default compiler, but gcc-3.4 is
also included. However, I really hope that we manage to release etch a
bit faster than sarge.

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