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Re: pkg-config issues


Am Freitag, 12. November 2004 14:47 schrieb Bartosz Fenski aka fEnIo:
> I've just started packaging some library which provides .pc file for
> pkg-config. So I was wonder where to put this file and if my -dev package
> should depend on pkg-config.

IMHO not. Because you don't need pkg-config.

> Problem a:
> Where .pc file should be put?
> Let's say I've got libXXX<soname> and libXXX-dev packages.
> I suppose that I should put it in libXXX-dev package, but I found some
> packages which contain this file in libXXX<soname>.


> Problem b:
> Should my package depend on pkg-config?
> I thought yes, but many packages didn't do that.

I don't think so. Your package doesn't need pkg-config. It can be used without 
it. If you use pkg-config in the app using the lib you can build-depend on it 
extra at that package...

> Should I fill bugreports against packages which contain either
> problem a or b (or even both)?

a) yes
b) hmm. not sure.

> Maybe policy should mention about correct way of handling such files?

since the pkg-config info file is development suff (you use it when you want 
to build something against it it should be in -dev)


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