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Re: mozilla-firefox-locale package with all language translations

El Jueves 11 Noviembre 2004 10:47, Jeroen van Wolffelaar escribió:
> Your package is native, I suggest supporting the 'get-orig-source'
> rules-target to make that one generate a .orig.tar.gz containing all
> upstream languages.

You mean that should I create one rule looking like the following?
 NAME=basename `pwd`
 mkdir $NAME.orig
 wget -N -P $(CURDIR)/$NAME.orig '$(FETCHADDRESS)*-*.xpi'
 rm -f $(CURDIR)/$NAME.orig/en-US.xpi
 tar -cvzf ../$NAME.orig.tar.gz $NAME.orig

What's the purpose of that? (I'm new in packaging).
This way, will the package be considered non-native?
Is this an advantage?



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