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Re: How to handle libssl support?

On Thursday 11 November 2004 10:45 am, Mike Hommey wrote:
> It is not necessary. Look at fetchmail, for instance:
> Replaces: popclient, fetchmail-ssl, fetchmail-common
> Provides: popclient, fetchmail-ssl, fetchmail-common
> Conflicts: popclient, fetchmail-ssl, fetchmail-common, logcheck (<<
> 1.1.1-9)
> I don't know and didn't check for the others *-ssl packages, though.

  Yes, but if you have fetchmail-ssl installed and not fetchmail, an upgrade 
will not install fetchmail.  It might result in fetchmail-ssl being removed 
(since the new fetchmail-common doesn't provide the version it needs), but 
unless some other part of the system depends on fetchmail, you won't end up 
with fetchmail installed.


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